What it is really like to live in a NYC skyscraper

Seychelles: 5 curiosities to discover

Seychelles, whose full name is the Republic of Seychelles, are a state in the archipelago of the same name in the Indian Ocean, east of the African continent and north of Madagascar. The Seychelles are a popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches. The Seychelles have a warm tropical climate throughout the year, with average daytime temperatures between 26 and 32 degrees. Seasonal variations are minimal, so it is possible to visit these islands in any month of the year. Browse through the gallery to discover 5 interesting facts about this coveted tourist destination.

Sacred animals from around the world: did you know them?

Zoolatry is the religious cult that regards animals as manifestations of divinity, characteristic of ancient and primitive religions. The symbolism used is common in some religions, and even today respect for the animal is more than a popular belief, such as the sacred cow in India. In some nations the pig is a sacred animal, recognized as a symbol of wealth and good fortune, in others we find for example wolf, snake or dog. Mahatma Gandhi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress are judged by the way it treats its animals." What animal species are considered sacred in some countries and why? Browse through the gallery to find out.

Groundhog Fred dead in his burrow, no Groundhog Day in Canada

Groundhog Day is celebrated in Canada and the United States. The event centers on the metaphorical awakening of a groundhog. Traditionally, if the groundhog comes out of the burrow and does not see its shadow, the weather is cloudy and winter will end soon. If the groundhog sees its shadow because it is a nice day and it is sunny, winter will last six weeks longer. Unfortunately, the groundhog Fred which was supposed to come out of his burrow in Canada, was found dead and no prediction about winter was possible (at least according to what tradition dictates...).

Two climbers attempt 8,167-meter ascent with only bare essentials in 'pure alpine style'

Foreign affairs dep’t working to bring home Filipina tourist detained in Myanmar

The woman was reportedly on vacation in Thailand and was arrested after crossing the Myanmar border.

In Photos: Our Go-To Stores in PHILCOA Have Closed Their Doors

Time for farewell.

Gabbi Garcia honored with Taiwan Tourism Award

Gabbi Garcia has received an award from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. Attending the ceremony in a bright red tube dress and a pulled-back hairstyle, the Kapuso It Girl received the award For Contributions to the Promotion of Taiwan Incentive Travel. “My heart is full! To be recognized for your hard work is truly an honor,” the actress said in her caption. “Thank you to my Taiwan Tourism Bureau family for this award,” she added. “Taiwan will always...

4 foreigners rescued off Cagayan

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union – Four foreigners rescued off the coast of Calayan Island in Cagayan on Sunday were turned over to the Bureau of Immigration yesterday. Swedish national Sazid Hazan Shiek, 19, and Peruvians Richard Ventura, 48; Victor Palomino, 57, and Ulian Oswaldo Ventura, 52, were rescued by Philippine Coast Guard personnel, Ensign Jessa Pauline Villegas of the PCG-Northern Luzon said. The four reportedly went sailing in the...

Headed to Doha? Don't miss these unforgettable attractions

Boeing delivers final 747 jumbo jet to Atlas Air

Boeing delivers final 747 jumbo jet to Atlas Air

The name 'Pobla' is totally not cool, according to the barangay's captain

A Barangay Resolution was enacted against the name

Swedish university expert joins IFSU forum

AN expert from a Sweden-based university and the Department of Tourism in Region 3 visited the Ifugao State University (IFSU) to share studies in heritage conservation, genetics and tourism. According to IFSU Department of Research Development director Elpidio Basilio Jr., the Uppsala University in Sweden-based Maximilian Larena was invited to share his research breakthrough during the research forum dubbed "Betelnut Digest 2.0" at the Heritage...

Warming oceans threaten sea turtles

PARIS: Rising sea temperatures are threatening sea turtle populations by warming their nesting sites on beaches across the world, a new study found Wednesday. The climate change-fueled phenomenon could cause local extinctions of the already threatened reptiles, which have a long breeding cycles and are slower to adapt than many other species, such as birds or butterflies. Sea turtles dig holes and lay their eggs in the sand, which has become...

Paghahanap sa nawawalang 6-seater Cessna plane sa Isabela | Stand For Truth

Umaasa pa rin ang mga pamilya ng ilang pasahero ng nawawalang Cessna plane sa Isabela na buhay pa rin ang kanilang mga kaanak. Walong araw mula nang mawala sa himpapawid… paano nga ba hinahanap ang eroplano? Kung may impormasyon tungkol sa nawawalang eroplano, maaaring makipag-ugnayan kay: Joshua A. Hapinat Spokesperson, Isabela Incident Management Team 0920 774 1022

The 12 most amazing attractions in São Paulo

Mga maaaring puntahan, at ma-enjoy sa Malaysia na isang visa-free country para sa mga Pilipino, silipin

Mga maaaring puntahan, at ma-enjoy sa Malaysia na isang visa-free country para sa mga Pilipino, silipin

Zeinab Harake, proud na kinaya ang Indonesia trip mag-isa

Literal na solo flight umano si Zeinab Harake nang magpunta siya sa Indonesia kamakailan. Madalas niyang kasama si Rana na di naman niya kasama sa Indonesia.

A foodie's guide to Bengaluru

Bengaluru Bengaluru, often known as Bangalore, is well-renowned for its lakes. Picnic places include Hebbal Lake, Nagavara Lake, Agara Lake, Sankey Tank, and Ulsoor Lake. Because of its lush vegetation, Bangalore was once dubbed "India's Garden City." In recent years, it has evolved into a cosmopolitan metropolis with dwindling natural spaces and a...

Pangeos, the turtle-shaped yacht is a real floating city

A floating city capable of transporting 60,000 people and traveling constantly throughout the seas, deriving from renewable sources the energy necessary for its operation is the new project by Pierpaolo Lazzarini. We are talking about Pangeos, currently only a concept for an extra-luxury gigayacht. Its realization will require eight billion dollars and eight years of work. Inspired by the maxi continent originally found on the Planet, Pangeos measures 550 meters long by 610 meters at its widest point. It incorporates within it shopping centers, residences, parks, hotels, as well as sea and air ports to keep the floating city connected to the mainland.

Places that could become a Unesco world heritage site

The list of places and sites eligible to become UNESCO World Heritage Sites is constantly being updated.Nominations, each year, are numerous, and it often takes a long time before a place can be officially declared a world heritage site. The process to be followed is outlined step by step by UNESCO itself.This procedure was adopted in 1972 and has set itself the goal of identifying and maintaining the list of sites that represent special features of exceptional importance from a cultural or natural point of view and that must therefore be preserved with great care and attention.

Pets Are Now Allowed Onboard the Free Pasig River Ferry

At no extra cost.

What was the mysterious whirlpool-shaped light spotted in Hawaii? Kuya Kim explains

A mysterious light that resembled a whirlpool recently lit up the sky in Hawaii. It was captured by the Subaru telescope at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan located in Mauna Kea. So what exactly is it? According to Kuya Kim's report on "24 Oras," Tuesday, some experts believe that it may be due to a military GPS satellite that launched from a SpaceX rocket in Florida in the U.S. Dr. Paul Leonard Atchong Hilario, a space science and...

Delta raises pay amid travel rebound

ATLANTA: Delta Air Lines said on Tuesday it will raise pay for its non-union employees by 5 percent on April 1 and increase a pool used for merit raises. Among those getting the increases will be flight attendants, who have been the target of several close organizing campaigns by unions. The raises are far more modest than ones that Delta's union pilots are voting on. That agreement would raise pilots' pay by more than 30 percent over the...

Tilted buildings around the world, in pictures

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is probably the most famous tilted building in the world, but there are plenty of other striking examples of structures that don’t stand up straight, whether by design or by accident. Here’s a look at some lesser-known lopsided lighthouses, temples, churches, and skyscrapers.

Best Travel & Tourism stocks to follow in 2022.

Travel and tourism is a broad category, with a diverse list of well-known brands. Ecotourism is a fast-growing niche, especially among young travelers. Tourism sector has been perhaps the hardest hit part of the economy by the COVID-19 pandemic. This list presents some of the best travel and tourism stocks to track in the post-pandemic era. The list's performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

Try these 13 local delicacies on your trip to Tokyo

Why did the water at beaches in San Diego, California turn pink?

Here's Where You Can Exchange Trash for Cash in Quezon City

Recycling has never been this financially fulfilling.

Is Auckland your next dreamy getaway? Check these spots out

Newland's most populous and beautiful city, Auckland, is well known for its white-sand beaches, delicious seafood, and stunning modern architecture. Also nicknamed the city of sails, harbor city is filled with white ferries and boats that sail to waterside suburbs and nearby islands. Head towards the sky tower to have panoramic views of the beautif...

Looking for the 51st? US States that almost came to be

Pangolin born at the Prague zoo, first in Europe

A pangolin has been born at the Prague Zoo and it is the first one born in Europe. The parents of the baby pangolin arrived from a zoo in Taipei in April 2022, making the Prague Zoo the second in Europe to have specimens of this human-threatened species. And indeed, it is not easy to raise pangolins, as they require a nutritious mush made from bee larvae specially prepared for them. Pangolins are particularly at risk because of the illegal trade in them.

ICYDK: Harvard University is offering 102 online courses for free

Looking to fill your free time with something useful? Here’s an idea. Learning is one of the best ways to maximize your free time. Not only can it cure your boredom—it can also bring out a better version of yourself. There are a lot of learning opportunities available online, and some of them even come without a cost. Harvard University, for one, h...

Joross Gamboa's Beach House In Quezon Is Now Available For Rent

It will roughly take a four-hour ride from Metro Manila to get to the place!

The release of pink flamingos used as decoration in hotels. The Photos

Some flamingos have been released in the Estero Balsa Natural Park , at Montecristi (Dominican Republic). The release was thanks to the project Rescate Rosado, which allowed the release of six flamingos that local hotels were using as ornamental elements.

Taxi driver gets second chance after foiled theft of Israeli tourist's belongings

The taxi driver who attempted to steal the luggage and money of his Israeli passenger was traced in Cainta, Rizal. The driver, who was arrested and brought to the police station, was surprised at the reaction of the victim. The Israeli had decided to forgive him for his action and declined to file charges. According to John Consulta's report on "24 Oras," a CCTV of a hotel in Makati City showed the taxi leave after the Israeli tourist got out of...

Schedule announced for Eraserheads' 'Huling El Bimbo' world tour

Gusto mo bang sumama? The world tour of the Eraserheads, widely considered as the country's greatest OPM band, will kick off in the United States this May. WEU Event Management Services and DVent Productions, the band's local promoters during their highly acclaimed reunion concert in Parañaque last Dec. 22, made the announcement on Feb. 8. The foll...

Pilots walk away from 737 crash in Australia

SYDNEY: Two pilots have made a "miraculous" escape after their Boeing 737 water-bombing plane crashed and burned while fighting a blaze in remote Western Australia. The plane left a long scar in the scrub- and tree-covered landscape when it came down while battling a bushfire in the Fitzgerald National Park about 420 kilometers (260 miles) southeast of Perth. Arial images taken shortly after the accident, which happened on Monday, showed thick...

The British Museum shows the Tudor jewel found in 2021, photos

The British Museum launches its annual reports Portable Antiquities Scheme & Treasure. On display are some of the 45,000 treasures found in 2021, including a jewel that belonged to the Tudors.

Manila named world’s ‘most loving capital city’

MANILA, Philippines — Are you a Manila resident? Chances are, you just sent all your loving to a crush, but in a tweet. Love is in the air in the city of Manila, according to a global word analysis from Crossword Solver, which called the Philippine capital the “most loving city in the world.” In its website, the word search tool analyzed geotagged tweets from all over the world that contained variations of the phrase “I love you” and those that...

Nag-time travel para baguhin ang kapalaran pero love life ang nahanap?! | Love Month Stories 2023

Para mabago ang kamalasang kinahinatnan ng restaurant ni Harvey (Kelvin Miranda), binigyan siya ni Dulce (Kim Rodriguez) ng pagkakataon na makabalik sa nakaraan para matuto magluto ng adobo. Pero sa halip na recipe ng adobo, iba ang nakita ni Harvey. Panoorin ang video.

Turnover ng pabahay para sa mga nasunugan sa Orion, Bataan, isinagawa

Turnover ng pabahay para sa mga nasunugan sa Orion, Bataan, isinagawa

20 fascinating historical photos that you'll find shocking

Umaagos ang sarap sa Bulacan River Cruise | Unang Hirit

Aired (February 8, 2023): Looking for preskong pasyalan at masarap na kainan? Binisita ng ating UH Funliner na si Jenzel sa Bulacan ang literal na umaagos ang sarap dahil nakasakay ka sa balsa habang ineenjoy ang masasarap na pagkain. Panoorin ‘yan sa video na ito. Hosted by the country’s top anchors and hosts, 'Unang Hirit' is a weekday morning show that provides its viewers with a daily dose of news and practical feature stories. Watch it from Monday to Friday, 5:30 AM on GMA Network! Subscribe to for our full episodes. Hosts: Arnold Clavio, Suzi Abrera, Lyn Pascual, Ivan Mayrina, Mariz Umali, Lhar Santiago, Love AJaner, Susan Enriquez, Connie Sison, Luane Dy, Nathaniel “Mang Tani” Cruz, Juancho Trivino, Boobay, Joyce Pring

LIST: Hottest new cafes and restaurants in Baguio City

The chilly weather of Baguio City draws tourists to visit it all year-round. A culture and heritage so rich and unique that has people coming back for more to experience Cordillera's best. The City of Pines is also well-loved for it's endless offering of great food that comes with the highlands' abundance of the freshest harvests available. With Ba...

Video ng airport security na parang kinikilig habang fini-frisk ang KPop group Enhypen, viral

A video of an airport security who was seemingly giggling while frisking the KPop group Enhypen has gone viral. The group was passing through security checks.

BI reactivates e-gates in some PH airports

BI reactivates e-gates in some PH airports

Aiko Melendez calls out airline company for damaged luxury luggage: "Our belongings should be treated with care."

Airline company tells Aiko Melendez that they are investigating her complaint.

PBBM: My bilateral visit to Japan is essential | 24 Oras

24 Oras is GMA Network’s flagship newscast, anchored by Mike Enriquez, Mel Tiangco and Vicky Morales. It airs on GMA-7 Mondays to Fridays at 6:30 PM (PHL Time) and on weekends at 6:00 PM. For more videos from 24 Oras, visit News updates on COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) and the COVID-19 vaccine: #Nakatutok24Oras Breaking news and stories from the Philippines and abroad: GMA News and Public Affairs Portal: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: GMA Network Kapuso programs on GMA Pinoy TV:

PBBM, nasa Japan na para sa 5-day official working visit | SONA

State of the Nation is a nightly newscast anchored by Atom Araullo and Maki Pulido. It airs Mondays to Fridays at 10:30 PM (PHL Time) on GTV. For more videos from State of the Nation, visit